1. desirous, greedy, cupidinous, avaricious, grasping, acquisitive, Sl. grabby, rapacious; selfish, hoarding, possessive; ravenous, ravening, voracious, devouring, gluttonous, gormandizing, cormorant, edacious; open-mouthed, hoggish, piggish, swinish; insatiable, insatiate, unquenchable, omnivorous, esurient.
2. enthusiastic, ardent, fervent, eager, keen, anxious, Inf. wild; breathless, impatient, longing, thirsty, athirst; ambitious, aspiring, hungry, craving; excited, Inf. all fired up, Inf. psyched or psyched up, Sl. hopped up, Sl. ape; heated, vehement, fervid, perfervid; burning, fiery, flaming, inflamed, glowing, white-hot.
3. earnest, wholehearted, devoted; zealous, agog, passionate, Inf. gung-ho, Inf. rah-rah; possessed, fanatic, fanatical, Sl. hung up, rabid, mad.
4. spirited, animated, vivacious, lively; vigorous, forceful, energetic, exuberant; ebullient, irrepressible, bubbling over, effervescent; demonstrative, emotive, expressive, effusive, gushing, Inf. gaga.

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